How Paybright Can Help you Achieve 3 Important Retailer Business Goals


Samantha Mehra

May 25, 2021

As the in-store and e-commerce space continues to change how retailers cater to consumers today, much of the traditional merchandising strategies, like discounts, may not be as effective in helping businesses meet their sales goals as they once did.

One quick, modern fix? Adding PayBright’s Pay Monthly or Pay in 4 Payment Plans to your checkout process.

Many PayBright retail partners, including Secretlab, CanadaWheels, and Omniview, were able to achieve significantly stronger sales metrics and CX scores after adding this flexible, easy payment choice for consumers. Highlights from their stories demonstrate how PayBright can be a tool to reach — and possibly exceed — three common retailer business goals.

Goal: Increase Annual Sales Revenue noted a year-over-year jump in sales revenue of 200% since offering PayBright, as well as significant increases in AOV and overall transitions.

Adding PayBright at checkout gives this auto parts fan favourite an even more competitive advantage. According to Saleh Taebi, Founder and CEO of, “PayBright adds to our company end goal which is to create a flawless customer purchasing experience by eliminating any financial arrears that shoppers might face.”

Telling your customers that you offer PayBright early in their journey — which begins well before checkout — can make all the difference. Displaying the option to buy with PayBright on product display pages, in email campaigns, or on banner ads proved effective for several PayBright partners.

Read the entire success story here.

Goal: Meet or Exceed Quarterly Targets

Secretlab began in 2014 after founders Ian and Alaric were unimpressed with the available options for gaming chairs, and quickly became the top choice for users in over 40 countries worldwide.

To make their products more accessible and affordable, they partnered with PayBright and immediately saw serious results by offering a 0% APR PayBright plan:

“Our initial payment options charged customers APR, which meant the uptake wasn’t as attractive,” explains Eugene Chua, Head of Global Digital Marketing, Secretlab. “After switching to PayBright’s Pay in 4 product, which offers 0% APR to customers, we saw a huge uplift of about 55% in sales, and our percentage of PayBright sales increased dramatically from 8% to 23% of sales per day.”

For marketing visibility, Secretlab features PayBright as a payment option throughout the shopping experience, providing a customer’s payment breakdown alongside the total purchase price.

Learn more about Secretlab’s PayBright journey here.

Goal: Create an unbeatable customer experience

OmniView prides itself on being “Canada’s top retailer and wholesaler of high-quality drone and handheld gimbal products.” But this was not enough for the Canadian-based tech hub, whose mission is to constantly discover new ways to provide customers with an unbeatable experience.

Enter PayBright. OmniView was able to offer PayBright payment plans at 0% APR to ensure customers had the most flexible and fee-free experience possible. Says Johann Reandino, Director of Marketing and Business Development at OmniView Tech: "Our checkout and pay later option is available in an integrated way, so that our customers have the best possible experience."

Since adding PayBright, OmniView has seen tremendous results, with a 10% increase in checkout conversions, a 15% increase in average order values and a 20% increase in overall sales.

Learn all about OmniView’s partnership with PayBright here.

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