#TheList: The Top Canadian Retail Blogs to Speed-Read in 2021


Samantha Mehra

September 22, 2020

Every month of 2020 has brought new learnings and, in many cases, some surprises around how both consumers are adapting their spending and shopping habits during a global pandemic. While we know there has been an uptick in e-commerce behaviour and a shift in physical distancing measures in-store, there is still much for retailers to learn as the coming months, and 2021, unfold.

Luckily, by following key blogs and publications in 2021, merchants can remain agile and adaptable by listening closely to distinct, informed voices on all things retail, including e-commerce, in-store experiences, changes in industry practices, and consumer behaviour.

Want to equip your business for the coming year? Read on, and subscribe to the following publications who made our annual list of the top Canadian retail blogs you need to follow in 2021.

A note: Blogs and publications are presented in alphabetical order.

Why Subscribe?: For those playing in the grocery space, Canadian Grocer is a one-stop-shop for major news on grocery brands like Loblaw, Walmart, and T&T; product updates and food recalls; sales trends; and consumer surveys. While specific to grocers, the blog has much to offer in terms of larger consumer behaviour trends, and significant shifts in retail models in Canada.

Why Subscribe?: McCarthy-Tetrault’s Consumer Markets Perspectives blog is a rich, highly-researched blog focusing on recent trends in Canadian retail and consumer markets; important legal actions and precedents impacting the industry; and helpful, actionable information for retailers on how to effectively operate during a pandemic. It’s a must-read.

Why Subscribe?: As the producers of one of Canada’s most significant annual retail conferences, eTail is already famous amongst Canadian retailers. But did you know they publish a helpful blog? Rich in survey data, research briefs, and news surrounding the country’s largest retail brands, the eTail Canada blog is worth the follow.

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Why Subscribe?: Forrester is a cornerstone company for data and analytics for North American businesses. For years, the company has spearheaded Canadian research studies and events that bring new light to consumer behaviour and how businesses can best equip themselves to serve an ever-changing audience. Their Retail Trends blog offers concrete, actionable advice to retailers, especially as they work to stay relevant in 2021.

Why Subscribe?: InStore Magazine keeps a finger on the pulse of Canadian retail industry news. In addition to publishing a digital copy, the physical version of the magazine can be found in over 12,000 stores across the country. With a specific focus on the gift industry, it gives readers the intel on how to increase sales, how to improve business operations, and other helpful tips.

Why Subscribe?: Lightspeed is a go-to Canadian provider of POS solutions for retailers, so they know what it takes to equip merchants with the tools for success. Their blog accomplishes the same, offering practical advice around how to boost profit margins, how to effectively set up an e-commerce business, and generally how to navigate during COVID-19.

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Why Subscribe?: A major player in and a reliable source for the majority of the retail industry in Canada, the Retail Council of Canada’s award-winning magazine is unmistakably a must-follow publication. Its focus? In-depth consumer research, industry trends, and profiles of key people in the retail industry.

Why Subscribe?: Deemed Canada’s most-read online retail industry publication, Retail Insider is rich in insider news related to major Canadian retail brands; e-commerce and in-store trends; and timely issues affecting the industry (namely COVID). Don’t have time to read? Don’t worry: the seasoned publisher also hosts a podcast which is as entertaining as it is informative.

Storesupport Adapt Blog

Why Subscribe?: Another great stop for Canadian retail industry news, the Storesupport blog runs the gamut from consumer trends and behaviour (including Millennials), retail predictions, brand, automated retail, and other timely topics of interest to Canadian merchants.

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