How Endy Made Sleep More Accessible and Affordable for Canadians


The Paybright Team

June 22, 2020

With a sole focus on providing great sleep to Canadians, Endy delivers a high quality, Canadian-made mattress for a fraction of the cost of a traditional mattress, all within an online shopping experience that’s quick, simple, and easy. This is not by pure magic: Endy has made some important choices around improving customer experience, always with the end user in mind. Here is just one example of how the household name brand upped its CX game this year.

The Challenge

With 100% of their sales being done online, Endy wanted to grow its business further by appealing to a wider audience, and making their products even more accessible and affordable to Canadians. Mike Gettis, Founder and CEO, explains: “We didn’t want cost to be a barrier to sale … we needed a solution that helped more Canadians have access to our product by extending their purchasing power and not limiting themselves based on price.”

“Partnering with PayBright has been a big win for us. Almost immediately we started seeing results. Our customers love the 0% and the simplicity of the process.” Mike Gettis, Founder and CEO, Endy.

The Solution

With PayBright, Endy enables customers to pay for their purchase in six equal monthly installments with 0% APR, eliminating the need for customers to pay the full price up front. With an average order value of around $1,000 (CAD), Endy’s mattresses are a perfect fit for an installment payment plan. Completing the PayBright process takes customers less than 60 seconds from end to end. Endy receives the funds from PayBright the next business day after the transaction, and customers repay PayBright in automatic monthly payments from their designated repayment account. PayBright absorbs the risk of non-payment by customers.

The Results

Since partnering with PayBright, Endy has seen a 20% increase in Average Order Value with PayBright orders. In fact, one out of eight of Endy’s customers now choose PayBright as their preferred payment method, with this number steadily increasing by 50% year over year.

Success by the Numbers

  • +20% increase in Average Order Value
  • +50% yearly growth in PayBright users
  • 1 in 8 customers choose PayBright at checkout

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